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Tap into your passion for immigration by obtaining e-Academy’s Immigration Practitioner Diploma: Laws, Policies and Procedures. Earn your diploma through a flexible learning option that accommodates your busy schedule.

In less than a year, e-Academy will provide you with essential immigration knowledge, legal research skills, a professional network and a comprehensive business plan to pass the ICCRC EPE and represent immigration clients.

Admission is simpler than you think.

Provide proof of Canadian citizenship, permanent residence status, Status Indian registration (Canadian Indian Act)

Provide proof of education or professional experience. Every application is assessed individually, but you will have to provide ONE of the following:

Proof of 2 years post-secondary education evidenced by a transcript and/or degree/diploma or equivalent from a recognized institution


2 years related work experience evidenced by business license or letter from employer

Prove language proficiency with submission of language test results

Please scan and email documents to:

Download Admissions PolicyDownload Policy Handbook

To become a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), graduates must meet the admission requirements of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and pass their Full Skills Exam (EPE), which has an additional cost. For more information regarding the ICCRC and the EPE, please contact the ICCRC directly.  **As of August 1st 2020 E-Academy is no longer accepting new Enrolments, E-Academy recommends that students contact the ICCRC directly.

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