CSIC Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

CSIC e-Academy collects information about its students for a variety of reasons: to process an application for enrolment, to verify payment of fees, to tabulate exam results etc. CSIC e-Academy does not sell the information it collects and maintains about students for any purpose. CSIC e-Academy will not disclose any of the student information it collects about students unless it is required to do so for limited purposes such as on the authorization of a student.

The sort of information CSIC e-Academy collects about its students includes personal information such as: date of birth, mailing address academic records from other institutions, exams results and other information which it requires to process student applications and to maintain a complete student record. 

Student records and other information maintained by CSIC e-Academy are maintained using one of the following secure methods. Copies of all student application documents are maintained for the duration of the student’s enrolment in the program. Once a student graduates, CSIC e-Academy will store a copy of the student record off site with a third party storage facility. Electronic records are maintained using a secure storage medium in secure location.

Current and former students of CSIC e-Academy will have access to their records at any time on reasonable written notice. CSIC e-Academy will maintain a copy of the student record for 55 years following the student’s completion of the program or withdrawal for any reason. 

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