Due to significant pending changes with the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, CSIC e-Academy will continue to offer the current 9-course program for the time being.

We anticipate introducing a new, augmented program of studies shortly, for additional information on the launch date of this new program please contact e-Academy’s administration department.

This new program is being launched following the recent implementation of enhanced education standards required as a prerequisite to apply for membership in the ICCRC. The new program will be longer than the existing program by 10 weeks and will also be more expensive than the existing program.

CSIC e-Academy will continue to accept new students in the existing program of studies and students enrolled in the e-Academy program prior to the launch of the new program will not be affected by the changes taking place as a result of the new program. Furthermore, students graduating from the existing program of studies will meet the ICCRC’s mandatory requirement of graduating from an accredited immigration practitioner’s program.

Students who are not enrolled in the current program of studies will have to complete the new, augmented program of studies once it is launched in order to meet the ICCRC's mandatory requirement of graduating from an accredited immigration practitioner’s program.

We strongly encourage all individuals wishing to become Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) to enrol in e-Academy’s existing program of studies and take the essential first step on their path to becoming a professional Immigration Consultant.

ICCRC Exam Prep Course

Due to popular demand, the CSIC e-Academy is pleased to announce the introduction of our exam preparation seminar for the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) full skills examination (FSE). CSIC e-Academy's Online Immigration Consultant Exam Prep course is designed to give you that extra edge to help you successfully pass the exam. The course is perfect for those who need to brush up on their knowledge of immigration law, or for those seeking further networking and mentorship.

Topics addressed in the course include:

•                Key elements of the IRPA and IRPR

•                Economic class immigration

•                Family class immigration

•                Temporary class immigration

•                Appeals, hearings, and detentions

•                Refugee class

•                Business management and ethics

•                Characteristics of the exam

•                Effective strategies to overcome the exam


The completely online course spans a period of 4 days with a 3-hour webinar on the last day.

The first 3 days is dedicated to a comprehensive review of immigration law through the course website. This includes printable review materials, exam-writing strategies, interactive discussion, and a practice exam. Experienced immigration consultants have carefully prepared all of the material. If you have questions regarding the course content, you are encouraged to pose them on the discussion forums that are actively monitored by the instructors.

The last day focuses on a web conferencing session with the instructor. This provides you with the valuable opportunity to pose your questions live, directly to the instructors. Step-by-step instructions are provided beforehand for those who are unfamiliar with web conferencing.

Fees and Admissions

There is a $100 application fee, and the tuition is $350 plus applicable taxes. The total cost of the course is $450 (non-refundable) plus applicable taxes.

Applicants must provide both of the following:

1) Provide proof of Canadian citizenship, permanent residence status, Status Indian registration (Canadian Indian Act)

2) Provide proof of graduation or successful completion of an ICCRC accredited immigration practitioner program.

The next courses are scheduled for Tuesday, October 25 to Friday, October 28 and Tuesday, January 24 to Friday, January 27. For additional information, please contact us at e-academy@csic-scci.ca or 1-888-228-4598.

Please note that this application is for the ICCRC exam prep course, which is separate from our Online Immigration Practitioner Program. The Online Immigration Practitioner Program is for those wishing to become an accredited immigration consultant.

**Course access may only be available for the duration of the course.**

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or 1-888-228-4598.