Important changes are coming - join the immigration consulting profession now

Do you still want to become an immigration consultant? Join CSIC e-Academy NOW before changes to the educational requirements take place.

The current immigration practitioner programs accredited by the ICCRC are going to be replaced by a new, 16.5 month (66 weeks) post-graduate diploma program.

From August 1st, 2020 anyone wishing to complete the ICCRC’s educational requirement to become an RCIC will have to enrol in the new 16.5 month post-graduate diploma program. Only those students who joined one of the current immigration practitioner programs like the one offered by CSIC e-Academy are exempt from this requirement, and these students will be allowed to complete their studies and still take the ICCRC’s entry-to-practice exam.

CSIC e-Academy offers a state-of-the-art online learning environment where students can learn from the comfort of their home or office and with e-Academy’s Intensive Program you can finish your studies in as little as 4 months. You can also complete your studies in 6 months by joining our Accelerated Program.

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ICCRC’s press release about the new post-graduate diploma.

Attention - International Student Advisors working in the Education Sector

Become eligible to write the ICCRC’s RISIA entry-to-practice exam (RISIA EPE) to become a Regulated International Student Immigration Advisor (RISIA) in as little as four (4) months through CSIC e-Academy!

The ICCRC accepts CSIC e-Academy’s Immigration Practitioner Program as the prerequisite education qualification to write their RISIA entry-to-practice exam (RISIA EPE) to become a RISIA.

With e-Academy’s Intensive Program you can finish your studies in as little as 4 months. You can also complete your studies in 6 months by joining our Accelerated Program.

Also, as a graduate of the e-Academy’s Immigration Practitioner Program, you will have the option of applying to become a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) should your career path change.

CSIC e-Academy has weekly course start dates so don’t delay, kick start your career today.

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Why should I choose e-Academy's Immigration Practitioner Diploma: Laws, Policies and Procedures Program?

There are many reasons to attend e-Academy such as:

  • An up-to-date 500-hour program approved by the ICCRC, which students can complete as little as 4 or 6 months
  • Exam and client representation preparation
  • All Instructors are Immigration Consultants with decades of experience
  • Our faculty’s expertise, knowledge and feedback
  • Our faculty’s willingness to help
  • Our faculty's availability 
  • Our career-focused program
  • Our flexible schedules
  • Develop your individual business plan
  • 85% of e-Academy grads passed the ICCRC EPE in the past 2 years
The program is accredited with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and designated by Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of British Columbia. Please see the Overview page for more information.

How much does the e-Academy program cost?

Application fee $175 + applicable tax

For the regular program, each course costs $770 + applicable tax. 

For the accelerated program, each course costs $810 + applicable tax. 

For the intensive program, each course costs $870 + applicable tax. 

There are ten courses in total for all programs. All fees are in Canadian dollars.

Are CSIC e-Academy tuition fees taxes deductible?

On July 6, 2012 CSIC e-Academy was approved by the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada under subparagraphs 118.5(1)(a)(ii) and 118.6(1)(a)(ii) of the Income Tax Act

Tuition fees paid from January 2012 onwards are eligible for tax credit and e-Academy will issue Income Tax receipts in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines.

For more information please visit the CRA website.


How do I get started?

Click here to enrol if you are located in Canada/USA. If you are located outside of Canada / USA please enrol here.

You will be asked to complete the online application and pay the $175 CDN application fee using a credit card. Once this initial step is complete, e-Academy will send you further instructions in an email.

Do I need additional software to take these classes online?

Most standard home computers are equipped with everything you need to take your classes online. You simply need access to the Web, an active email account, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer or Firefox, and some sort of word processing program on your computer that can allow you to save documents in Microsoft Word format to complete the course work.

How does the program work?

Once an applicant has been admitted to the program, they are provided with a unique online account to e-Academy's learning environment. Students can log in to their account at any point during the course to read the learning material and submit their work. There are no attendance requirements or set times that students must be online for learning. Although students can log into the course at any time, each course has an Assessment Calendar which outlines the course deadlines. Exams are held online during the final weekend of each course. The demands of this program are flexible enough for those who workfull-time, but this is not a self-paced program.

When do classes start?

The next start date is scheduled for July 22nd, 2019. While cohort start dates are based on demand, there are limited seats available. We encourage you not to delay and enrol immediately.

Click here to enrol if you are located in Canada/USA. If you are located outside of Canada / USA please enrol here.

Are there any financial aid options?

Currently, there are no financial aid options available. Students can pay on a course-by-course basis and each course takes four or five weeks to complete.

How long will it take to complete my Immigration Practitioner Diploma: Laws, Policies and Procedures Program?

CSIC e-Academy offers the 500-hour program in 3 flexible formats:

1) Students can complete the program in 11.5 months by taking one course at a time.

2) Students who wish to complete the program sooner may follow an accelerated schedule. Students in the accelerated schedule may complete the program in as little as 6 months.

3) Students can now complete the program faster than ever by joining our Intensive Program. Students in the Intensive Program may complete their studies in as little as 4 months. The Intensive Program is intended for those who wish to fully focus on their studies, without other significant responsibilities.

Contact us today for further details and to get started as soon as Monday!

Is the program 100% online?

Yes, the program is 100% online. You will never have to go into a classroom or go to a campus to complete assignments or course exams.

How much time do I have to dedicate to my classes?

You can dedicate as much time as you need, a minimum of 1 to 3 hours per day. The program consists of ten courses and each course lasts four or five weeks. All final exams are held online and are scheduled for two to three hours on the final Saturday or Sunday of the course. The program operates all throughout the year.

Who are the e-Academy instructors?

Our instructors are all regulated immigration consultants (RCICs) who specialize in Canadian immigration. They possess real-life experience and decades of professional expertise in the areas in which they teach.

How can I be assured that I will have personalized attention?

Our class sizes are typically under 15 students, which means that you’ll have that much more individual attention from your instructors and your classmates.

How do I submit my admission documents to e-Academy?

All documents can be submitted by email. Simply scan the required documents and submit them via email to

Do I have to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to take the Immigration Practitioner Diploma: Laws, Policies and Procedures Program?

Yes. This program is open to Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents or individuals who have the status of an Indian as defined in Canada's Indian Act. Additional information is available on our Admissions page. 

Who is CSIC e-Academy?

CSIC e-Academy is owned and operated by the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC). The Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) is a not-for-profit, self-regulatory body created to protect the consumers of immigration consulting services while ensuring the education, competency testing and discipline of its members. 

CSIC e-Academy is accredited by the ICCRC and is designated with the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) - accreditation # 3765. The ICCRC is the federal regulatory body for immigration consultants. The PTIB is the regulatory body for private career training institutions in the province of British Columbia. PTIB sets basic education standards for accredited private career training institutions in British Columbia and establishes standards of quality which must be met by accredited institutions. 


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Mailing address:

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“The program is very flexible and interactive. I received a lot of feedback from knowledgeable instructors which was extremely helpful in understanding the course material.”
Rajinder Lotay
Kamloops, British Columbia